Unique & Original Art By Keri Joy Colestock

Unique & Original Art By Keri Joy Colestock

Six pieces of mine were published in Contemporary Sculptor table book.

Six pieces of mine were published in Contemporary Sculptor table book.
My 1st time being published Hugs Nela & Charlie

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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About Me:

I am a Contemporary Artist specializing in a wide-range of art and styles. My works are described as colorful, thought provoking, unique and original. I currently have artwork online through my website http://www.kerijoy.net/. My artwork is also available in galleries throughout Illinois. My wish is to continue to create beautiful but also fun works of art fueled by passion and imagination. necessary pieces I need for my work. At times I incorporate polymer clay into my piece. My style has been referred to as whimsical, unique and on the funky side like me! In addition to my website to can stay up to date on Facebook. l recycle found objects in my pieces so one man's garbage is a Keri 'treasure!' The flea markets provide me with the https://www.facebook.com/keri.colestock


​16 of my pieces are on display and for sale at The Room Of Fox Valley Batavia 2016-

​"In God We Trust" & "Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave" were on exhibit at Water Street Studios June 2016

​"With A Banjo On My Knee" was on exhibit at 4th Fridays At The Starline Gallery April 2016

"Howdy Partner" was on exhibit at the Old Courthouse In Woodstock February 2016

"I'm Horny" & Stop In The Name Of Love" were in the Side Street Gallery Exhibit February 2016

I ressurected my "Wall Dancer" art dolls October 2015

"Strung Out is on exhibit at the Freepoty Art Museum- October-present

"With Love & Respect", I Have A Monkey On My Back," "Aye Carumba" & "Celebrate...Rejoice & Remember" are on exhibit at the Old

Courthouse In Woodstock-present October 2015

"Fez Who???" was on exhibit at Fez Fest- September 2015

"With Love & Respect" is on exhibit at the Old Courthouse In Woodstock-September-present 2015

"Strung Out" & "Weave Me Be" were finalists in the "Noting But a dream Competition September 2015

"Strung Out" won 2nd place in the Off The Grid Competition August 2015

"Strung Out" was in the Williow Creek Exhibit August 2015

Featured Artist At The Martini Room April-May 2015

Published in Healing Power Of Art April 2015

Published In Manhattan Arts International One of the 35 artists out of 1070 selected for April 2015

"Strung Out" was on exhibit for the "Womens Works" March-April 2015

"Stop All The Violince" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery In Harvard January 2015

"I Have A Monkey On My Back" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery In Harvard January 2015

I was the solo Featured Artist at the Starline Gallery in Harvard August 22

My artwork was selected for a Portfolio Feature in the West vs Midwest Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine.​ June 2014

"Stop All The Violince" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery AND "Leapin' Lizards Makes My Hair Stand Up" won the Peoples

Choice Award May 23rd 2014

"Chinese GNU Year won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery April 18th 2014

"Eggsistential: Do I Eggsist" The 4Art Inc Gallery Unique group exhibition of handcrafted Ostrich Egg Art March 2014

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their March/April issue 2014

I was published in San Francisco vs Chicago issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine March 2014

"Who We Aren't" at Union Street Gallery

"With Love & Respect"was on exhibit February 2014

"OMG! Oh Party Gras" A group exhibit at the 4Art inc gallery. My pieces for this exhibit were"Party Gras", Surely You Jest!" & I'm Horny"

February 2014

My artwork has been selected for a Portfolio Feature in Issue 17 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. San Francisco vs ChicagoJanuary 2014

I was published in Hidden Treasure Art Magazine November 2013

My "Makin' Purty Music" won 1st Place Award in the Harvard Gala Masquerade Ball Exhibit I will have a solo exhibit in August 22nd 2014

Centerline Exhibit at the Zhou B Art Center My "With Love & Respect" was included in this exhibit September 2013

"Shattered Mirror Exhibit at 4Art Gallery A group exhibit September 2013

Martha Stewarts American Made People's Choice Award Winner August 2013

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their July/August issue 2013

I was published in International Contemporary Artists May 2013

I was contacted by Carolyn Graham Edlund & Carolyn published my artist profile on the Arts Business Institute blog 2013

Art & Beyond I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their May/June issue 2013

I was on the front cover of Doll Maker's Magazine In Russia April 2013

My work was at 4Art Inc Gallery in the well known Zhou Bros. Art Center January 2013-May 2014

Art & Beyond Studio Won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their January/February issue2013

Beverly Art Center Exhibit "I Have A Monkey On My Back" was on exhibit January 2013

Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Award I was chosen as the American Made Artist Audience Choice Award Winner November 2012

"Wanna Play? exhibit at The Union Street Gallery "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far..." was on exhibit October 2012

I was chosen to be an Emerging Artist On Art Jury. October 2012

Six pieces of mine were published in the Contemporary Sculptor table book September 2012

My hubcap was one of the featured hubcaps in an article with Ken Marquis of Landfill Art with E-Junkie.Info September 2011

2011: The "KeRicTures" were born. They are 28" whimsical greeters. A collaboration I do with my husband.

I was asked to be a part of the Landfill Art Project. Ken Marquis asked me to be one of his 1041 artists to do my work on a hubcap. Showing

trash can be turned into masterpieces. It will be a traveling exhibit and table book. May 2010

I create with bright beautiful rainbows

I create with bright beautiful rainbows

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr. Potato Head Came Back For More!

Reality'sendlessblue says:
I was not trying to say anything about you personally, I just do not care for this piece of art. I have many friends and other acquantices who have lost interest in art because they find the people who create art no longer treat it with respect. There used to be a standard that artists tried to hold themselves to, but in this day and age, anything can be art. While that is vary freeing, it also allows for many cheap and cheesy pieces to be displayed. They digrade art as whole, and people loose respect for art and artists themselves when they see something that looks it took ten minutes to create and was crafted from thrift store materials. I have nothing against you, you may be a wonderful person, but just because you have lyme disease doesn't mean I'm oblicated to feign over your work. You need to stop playing victim and learn how to accept criticism, and if you don't like my comments, you can delete them. But I wouldnt have said what I did if I wasn't passionate and I truly cared for art. Passion does not mean loving everything you come in contact with, that's delusional. Passion is having stroing opinions and the ability to express them. I think art is precious and there are certain standards it needs to hold, and I just find this piece, well, hideoussly cheap. Obviously many disagree, and you can at least take pride in that fact, but this piece just makes me feel sad about the state of affairs art has fallen into...

My Last Drawing

The day I heard on my stereo at work that Frank Zappa died I grabbed my pen & did this stipple drawing. I had no reference material or picture but 'just played.' Since I left my Senior Design position to be a bartender I swore I would never draw or paint again but this I did in '93.

But my dear friends. ~shaking head laughing~ You are such sweethearts to send your kindness as that is what friends do. I have learned to love each & every one of you & seeing you 'defend' me is just too cute!!!!!! The reality is that he has a right to his opinion. From his profile I feel he is a 'newer' art student. What I did not tell him is that I was at The American Academy studying illustration after receiving full scholarships to The Art Institute of Chicago & Berkeley while he was probably pooping in his diapers!!!!!!!! That I am a trained illustrator & my favorite medium was pen & ink. So as I looked as his work I had to shake my head thinking If he is going to talk the talk & walk the walk! Love you all to pieces!


Catherine said...

Oh Keri – I’ve just read these ridiculous comments!! Your work is so clever and so appealing and so successful!! You have allowed your imagination to fly and have not allowed yourself to be constricted by 'artistic rules'!! As a result, you have come up with something truly unique! Very, very few can join that particular select club!! You keep going as you are and forget him!! Don’t let him undermine you in any way. You're above all that!! xxx

June Gardens said...

Dear Keri ........:)
I'm as shocked as you must have been reading such comments !
Art is subjective, everybody knows that, but this is not the point !! This is about being mean !! I'm sure that person isn't able to understand a single sentence of " The Little Prince " .... :)
Love ^_^

Keri Joy Colestock said...

Oh my dear wonderful friends. Thanks Catherine-you are a treasure. I guess we meet so many wonderful people that we are blessed. And this person does have his right to his opinion whether it causes harm or hurt.I am glad I do not know many nor would wish to know any. I have a pretty thick skin & no one can or will take me down because I will not allow it to.

And my darling Gabriela as the Little Prince said to the field of roses......."you are not at all like my rose.As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and you tamed no one.You are like my fox when I first knew him. He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend & now he is unique in all the world." And you are all unique & I carry each of you in my heart. With love, respect & hugs.

laurie b said...

Heavens!!! Uncle Snarly needs to give it a rest already!!! I think an "I'm sorry..." would have been more approriate. Guess Uncle Snarly needs to be blocked by the collective! With gratitude Keri for all you are! Laurie B.(just wave your Protect This Woman angel in front of any more statements and maybe Uncle S. will go away and stay away.)