Unique & Original Art By Keri Joy Colestock

Unique & Original Art By Keri Joy Colestock

Six pieces of mine were published in Contemporary Sculptor table book.

Six pieces of mine were published in Contemporary Sculptor table book.
My 1st time being published Hugs Nela & Charlie

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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I am a Contemporary Artist specializing in a wide-range of art and styles. My works are described as colorful, thought provoking, unique and original. I currently have artwork online through my website http://www.kerijoy.net/. My artwork is also available in galleries throughout Illinois. My wish is to continue to create beautiful but also fun works of art fueled by passion and imagination. necessary pieces I need for my work. At times I incorporate polymer clay into my piece. My style has been referred to as whimsical, unique and on the funky side like me! In addition to my website to can stay up to date on Facebook. l recycle found objects in my pieces so one man's garbage is a Keri 'treasure!' The flea markets provide me with the https://www.facebook.com/keri.colestock


​16 of my pieces are on display and for sale at The Room Of Fox Valley Batavia 2016-

​"In God We Trust" & "Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave" were on exhibit at Water Street Studios June 2016

​"With A Banjo On My Knee" was on exhibit at 4th Fridays At The Starline Gallery April 2016

"Howdy Partner" was on exhibit at the Old Courthouse In Woodstock February 2016

"I'm Horny" & Stop In The Name Of Love" were in the Side Street Gallery Exhibit February 2016

I ressurected my "Wall Dancer" art dolls October 2015

"Strung Out is on exhibit at the Freepoty Art Museum- October-present

"With Love & Respect", I Have A Monkey On My Back," "Aye Carumba" & "Celebrate...Rejoice & Remember" are on exhibit at the Old

Courthouse In Woodstock-present October 2015

"Fez Who???" was on exhibit at Fez Fest- September 2015

"With Love & Respect" is on exhibit at the Old Courthouse In Woodstock-September-present 2015

"Strung Out" & "Weave Me Be" were finalists in the "Noting But a dream Competition September 2015

"Strung Out" won 2nd place in the Off The Grid Competition August 2015

"Strung Out" was in the Williow Creek Exhibit August 2015

Featured Artist At The Martini Room April-May 2015

Published in Healing Power Of Art April 2015

Published In Manhattan Arts International One of the 35 artists out of 1070 selected for April 2015

"Strung Out" was on exhibit for the "Womens Works" March-April 2015

"Stop All The Violince" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery In Harvard January 2015

"I Have A Monkey On My Back" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery In Harvard January 2015

I was the solo Featured Artist at the Starline Gallery in Harvard August 22

My artwork was selected for a Portfolio Feature in the West vs Midwest Issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine.​ June 2014

"Stop All The Violince" won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery AND "Leapin' Lizards Makes My Hair Stand Up" won the Peoples

Choice Award May 23rd 2014

"Chinese GNU Year won Honorary Mention at the Starline Gallery April 18th 2014

"Eggsistential: Do I Eggsist" The 4Art Inc Gallery Unique group exhibition of handcrafted Ostrich Egg Art March 2014

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their March/April issue 2014

I was published in San Francisco vs Chicago issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine March 2014

"Who We Aren't" at Union Street Gallery

"With Love & Respect"was on exhibit February 2014

"OMG! Oh Party Gras" A group exhibit at the 4Art inc gallery. My pieces for this exhibit were"Party Gras", Surely You Jest!" & I'm Horny"

February 2014

My artwork has been selected for a Portfolio Feature in Issue 17 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. San Francisco vs ChicagoJanuary 2014

I was published in Hidden Treasure Art Magazine November 2013

My "Makin' Purty Music" won 1st Place Award in the Harvard Gala Masquerade Ball Exhibit I will have a solo exhibit in August 22nd 2014

Centerline Exhibit at the Zhou B Art Center My "With Love & Respect" was included in this exhibit September 2013

"Shattered Mirror Exhibit at 4Art Gallery A group exhibit September 2013

Martha Stewarts American Made People's Choice Award Winner August 2013

Art & Beyond Studio I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their July/August issue 2013

I was published in International Contemporary Artists May 2013

I was contacted by Carolyn Graham Edlund & Carolyn published my artist profile on the Arts Business Institute blog 2013

Art & Beyond I won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their May/June issue 2013

I was on the front cover of Doll Maker's Magazine In Russia April 2013

My work was at 4Art Inc Gallery in the well known Zhou Bros. Art Center January 2013-May 2014

Art & Beyond Studio Won one of the The Publisher Choice Awards to be published and promoted in their January/February issue2013

Beverly Art Center Exhibit "I Have A Monkey On My Back" was on exhibit January 2013

Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Award I was chosen as the American Made Artist Audience Choice Award Winner November 2012

"Wanna Play? exhibit at The Union Street Gallery "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far..." was on exhibit October 2012

I was chosen to be an Emerging Artist On Art Jury. October 2012

Six pieces of mine were published in the Contemporary Sculptor table book September 2012

My hubcap was one of the featured hubcaps in an article with Ken Marquis of Landfill Art with E-Junkie.Info September 2011

2011: The "KeRicTures" were born. They are 28" whimsical greeters. A collaboration I do with my husband.

I was asked to be a part of the Landfill Art Project. Ken Marquis asked me to be one of his 1041 artists to do my work on a hubcap. Showing

trash can be turned into masterpieces. It will be a traveling exhibit and table book. May 2010

I create with bright beautiful rainbows

I create with bright beautiful rainbows

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month & I Wear My Bracelet Proudly

My 8+ Year Battle.

Presentation to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies By The National Capital Lyme & Tick-Borne Disease Association
April 29, 2010
This afternoon we have heard some very important and impressive presentations. But they were presentations that were sterile scientific discussion. We must not forget that this scientific inquiry is motivated by the human experience of a devastating disease. It must continue to be motivated by that human experience as long as that motivation does not prejudice the scientific method.
Lyme disease patients face tremendous suffering and disability. One study found that chronic Lyme patients experience the quality of life of someone with congestive heart failure or osteoarthritis and suffer more impairment than someone living with type II diabetes or a recent heart attack. Despite the assertions of some researchers that we have the answers that we need, there is much to do in the area of Lyme research. There are many theories that have been studied, recommended further research and that deserve support to conclude their potential validity. As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (“CBC”) radio program: Ideas: The Bacteria Revolution reported over a decade ago: “Sorting out all the various symptoms caused by tick-borne diseases is no picnic, and both the detection and the treatment of Lyme are surrounded by controversy.”
Lyme disease patients are sick – sick of having their real life experience disclaimed as “anecdotal.” Researchers at Columbia University in New York City published a study in 2008 that added that the fatigue level in chronic Lyme disease patients is equal to that of multiple sclerosis.


Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

I had a bout of Lyme in my early teens and my family went through hell getting me diagnosed and treated. I can't imagine what people with chronic Lyme must go through every day. Best wishes with your health.

Keri Joy Colestock said...

Thanks honey pie! I am glad you are better....wishing some day we all will be. Hugs!

Folksie Linda said...

It's an up and down rotten carousel ride... the worst I have ever experienced and I pray someday I will be better and keep pushing on..what else can you do.. hope you are doing okay. .keeping you in my prayers as I know you do me too! Do you think they will ever find an answer when they don't even address it?

Keri Joy Colestock said...

Honey you have it probably the worst Linda. We are all trying to push on & we all were told "it was in our heads" With 200,000-250,000 new cases a year they best look at it! My best friend said mosquitos do not carry it & dogs do not get that sick. Dogs die & people can die! Well we got off the phone & ASAP she sent me links how dogs do NOT get that sick & mosquitos do not carry Lyme. I fired back but had to go to websites etc. I think I took 3 steps backwards. I got scared to go out wen I was doing so well with my garden etc & art fairs. Not only mosquitos, flies, of course deer ticks. mice, birds & NOW they are saying if a woman is not diagnosed during her pregnancy it is past through to the newborn esp if she breast feeds. You & I go back when they swept it under the rug honey. We played in our GORGEOUS garden today & I sprayed down & still was afraid. People that are our ages that played outside NEVER worried that a bite could take your life away. We played outside until dinner than after dinner, we were covered with bites! And the children with Lyme & the arthritis & fibromyalgia & the brain-fogging is a whole other story. We are older & the kids have no cure either-they cannot remember what the teacher said, can't play sports. Fall out of their seats & the infections-they miss so much school. I just had a battle on my hands I know how bad you are suffering honey...Are you still bed-ridden? I decided that my avatars will be my 11th pik-line. I find people writing less & if I shock them-this is Lyme Awareness month & I pray NONE of them ever have to experience this. Love you honey-hang in their girlfriend. I wear my bracelet PROUDLY! In bed I started my own business! Love you honey. Be well.